Prague Quadrennial

Intersection: Intimacy & Spectacle

PQ - Intersection ©Paul DivjakPRAGUE, JUNE 16-26, 2011

Piazzeta of the National Theatre at Narodni Trida 2, Prague 1 At Piazzetta between the National Theatre and New Stage Theatre (ex-Laterna Magika) you could find a dwelling of thirty white cubes/black boxes. This architectural maze was inhabited by performative projects by scenographers, performers, choreographers, film directors, drama theatre, installation artists, fashion designers, writers, painters…

This live exhibition talked to you only if you talked back to it. This living and breathing exhibition told you stories, and the more time you spent there the more it spoke to you. It tought you to dance, and asked you to listen. It required positioning and it let you get lost. If you were afraid of intimacy – you better wouldn’t have entered.

Prague Quadrennial – Intersection
Curated by: Sodja Lotker

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Nathaniel Mellors // Ana Borralho & João Galante // Markus Schinwald // mareunrol’s // Brett Bailey /the Third World Bunfight// Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio // Hooman Sharifi / Impure Company // Ilya and Emilia Kabakov // Monika Pormale // Hans Rosenström // Anna Viebrock / Till Exit // Josef Bolf // Josef Nadj // Guerra de la Paz // Terike Haapoja // Egon Tobiáš // Elevator Repair Service // Ioana Mona Popovici / Simon Vincenzi // Ulla von Brandenburg // Caroline Evans / Hansjörg Schmidt // Bohdan Holomíček / Eva Hrubá // Abbey Theatre // Harun Farocki // Dace Džeriņa // Paul Divjak // Dejan Kaludjerović

Beautiful Losers

2C prints [1-5/5], Edition Galeria Raster, Warszaw, 2002

Du unendliche Spur

Partizipative Performance - MUMOK / Overpainted

Setup “Du unendliche Spur” @MUMOK

“Du unendliche Spur”, participative sound performance

With their site-specific sound performances / workshops Divjak & Schlögl explore the possibilities and intersections of sound art, live composition, performativity and participation.
The two artists are inviting and enabling the audience to be part of a collective sound producing ceremony. By using everyday tools like a hammer, pencils or kitchen ware in a nonfunctional, creative way the audience and the artists learn to consciously redefine their relationships towards their personal environments in a sensual manner. From this perspective the whole group of participants become some sort of musical entity. Fascinating orchestral soundscapes are taking shape and new spaces of shared experiences are beeing created.
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