Soul Splash

Eau d´Energie

Soul Splash by Paul Divjak“More bracing than a shot of espresso.” (Renée Price, The New York Times Magazine)

Paul Divjak macht Literatur, Musik, Filme, Kunst und mehr. Und dieses Mehr riecht jetzt wunderbar frisch nach Sommer – nach Lemongrass, Rosmarin, Basilikum und einer zarten Zedernbasis. Exklusiv für die Saint Charles Apotheke, Wien hat Divjak, der „rastlose Künstler, der in sich ruht“ (©Sebastian Fasthuber, Falter) die energetisierende Duftkomposition SOUL SPLASH entwickelt. Es war wohl nur eine Frage der Zeit bis Divjak im Rahmen seiner phänomenologischen Erkundungen, das Olfaktorische entdeckt. Und auch bei SOUL SPLASH folgt er seinem Credo: der Reduktion auf das Wesentliche.

SOUL SPLASH enthält eine exklusive Duftkomposition aus ätherischen Ölen – aus biologischer Landwirtschaft und Wildwuchs.

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SOUL SPLASH – Eau d´Energie by Paul Divjak – Exklusiv für Saint Charles (Wien | Berlin) | Saint Charles Premiumstore

SOUL SPLASH is a natural fragrance elixir, which is composed of 100% natural ingredients. The core product, the herbal vitalising energizer – is an activating body spray. Whether on your face or on your body: SOUL SPLASH stimulates the concentration and lightens and strengthens body and mind.

It contains an exclusive fragrance combination of natural essential oils from controlled organic farming and wild growth. The special blend gives the Eau d´Energie its special touch and soothing properties.

Lemongrass, rosemary and basil provide a real energy boost, while heart notes of bitter orange, cajeput and lavender have an invigorating and clarifying effect. Cedar wood and incense base notes bestow confidence and new strength.

The Story

SOUL SPLASH_by Paul Divjak erhältlich bei / available at MONOCLE Meran und SASU Dornbirn

Eau de Pologne

Wodka Toaletowa

Eau de Pologne Flask

Flask, Limited Edition, 2004 [Out of stock]

Eau de Pologne is a Cologne made from 70% Polish Vodka with a blend of wood, wild herbes and smoke on the Mazury lakes. Elegant, with a headstrong top based on the European silver fir; delicious and drinkable. Just in case.

“It was always like my nose would provide me with certain smells and nuances others would not even care about. But it was not until this project for an exhibition in Poland that my professional olfactory journey started out an got me deeper and deeper into the fascinating art of developing fragrances.” (P.D.)

Schneider am Berg

Organic cosmetics launch

Inspired by a summer in the Swiss mountains, the Vienna-based and award-winning fragrance artist Paul Divjak took care of the composition for the exquisite scent of “Am Berg” for Schneider Cosmetics. Balsamic spiciness of carefully selected herbs and conifers meets the clear freshness of the mountain ambience.

“Am Berg” tempts you to take a refreshing break at lofty heights, and awakens your spirits with a gentle Alpine breeze. The well balanced composition, based on biological ingredients, refreshes gives new energy, stimulates the senses and cares for the skin in a natural way.

Fully certified organic | Free from additives | Cruelty-free production | Biopolymer packaging | Crafted in the Austrian Alps

Shower Gel, Hand Soap, Shampoo and Hand Creme //

Schneider Cosmetics