Im Prater blüh´n …

Duftinstallation / Smellscape

"Im Prater blüh´n wieder die Bäume", Duftinstallation im öffentlichen Raum

“Im Prater blüh´n wieder die Bäume”, MuseumQuartier

IM PRATER BLÜH´N WIEDER DIE BÄUME, Smellscape / scent installation, 2016
(In Prater the trees are blossoming again)

A project commissioned for Wir-sind-Wien-Festival
Public Space, Vienna – in cooperation with: Kunst Haus Wien / Museum Hundertwasser, Historical Museum of Vienna, Museums Quarter Vienna, The Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art.

With „In Prater the trees are blossoming again “ Paul Divjak is focusing on the diversity of urban smell and the manipulation of our olfactory surroundings. Setting up temporary smellscapes (olfactory interventions) the artist is transferring odours of famous Vienna Prater (the Emperor´s former hunting grounds) into the very city center, and in front of several museums. The aroma of musty earth, woods, lime blossoms and lilac is to be experienced at urban locations, which usually are defined by the lack of any green.The audience is such invited into the realm of the sense of smell and to reflect everyday perceptions.

IM PRATER BLÜH´N WIEDER DIE BÄUME, Smellscape / scent installation, 2016

Mit Im Prater blüh´n wieder die Bäume thematisiert Paul Divjak die Vielfalt des urbanen Geruchsspektrums und die Manipulation unserer olfaktorischen Umwelt. Im Rahmen von temporären Duftinstallationen transferiert der Künstler Gerüche des Naherholungsgebiets Grüner Prater – die Aromen von frisch geschnittenem Gras, von Moos, Erde, Wald und Flieder – in die City. Indem er in den Dialog mit öffentlichen Räumen tritt und Geruchsbilder von „Naturlandschaft“ für Orte entwirft, an denen sie für gewöhnlich nicht auftreten, lädt er dazu ein, den Lebensraum Stadt hinsichtlich Geruchswahrnehmung zu befragen und in sinnliche Erfahrungswelten einzutauchen.

Ein Projekt im Rahmen des Wir-sind-Wien-Festivals von Basis.Kultur.Wien.
In Kooperation mit Kunst Haus Wien / Museum Hundertwasser, MQ, Wien Museum und dem Volkskundemuseum

Diffusing Terpenes

KMH, Liechtenstein, 2022

"Diffusing Terpenes" © Paul Divjak / Bildrecht

“Diffusing Terpenes” © Paul Divjak / Bildrecht

“Diffusing Terpenes: The Effects of Forest Bathing” (Scent installation at the occasion of: “durchforsten”, KMH – küefermartishuus / Liechtenstein, 27.5 – 18.12. 2022)

Studies have shown the significant physiological effect forest atmosphere can have on humans. This circumstance has lead to the so-called trend of “forest bathing” (Shinrin Yoku). Scientists assume that the effects are achieved by breathing in the forest atmosphere, which contains various phytochemicals produced mainly by trees. So far, many terpenes prevalent in forest air have been found to have strong biological activities; their possible antiviral, antibacterial, antitumourigenic or neuroprotective effects have been demonstrated. Although research is increasingly focusing on the potential impacts, scientific data and evidence as well as the understanding of the potential and possible uses of terpenes are still lacking in many cases. — mehr —

Trust Room

by Jeanette Müller – Muscat, Oman (SoL Global Forum)

Trust Room

©Jeanette Müller

For this project at the intersection of applied sociopolitical utopia and conceptual art I developed an all natural scent diffused in a huge tent, placed in front of the Hilton, Muscat.

The aim was to create an overall feel good-atmosphere, which effects calmness, strength and clarity and helps the international participants to get into a grounded and confident mood before heading to their presentations, conference panels and discussions.

Jeanette Müller / Trust Room

Letztes Jahr in Jerusalem

Duftinstallation, Jüdisches Museum Hohenems

Jerusalem - Mahane Jehuda

Jerusalem – Mahane Jehuda Market

Smellscape / scent installation, 2015
Garden of the Jewish Museum, Hohenems
(In cooperation with the On-Site Art Festival)

With his smellscape Paul Divjak is stepping into an olfactory dialogue with the current exhibition at the Jewish Museum: „A Streetcar Named Desired“, which takes the visitors on a reflective journey through Jerusalem by following the route of tram number 1, crossing and connecting the various „Jerusalems“.
In „L´année dernière à Jersualem“ the artist is describing a stroll through the city of Jerusalem. Subjective memories concerning the sense of smell enfold a assiciative and symbolic bouquet of the Holy city, center of three religions. Such evoking the aura of the very place of different cultures.
— mehr —

Shake Your Molecules

Dancefloor aroma installation

“Ein gut riechender Club – magic!”

Location: Prime Club, Vienna

B.visible live | Felix the Houserat | Roman Rauch | Nick Hanzo // 05.01.2018

7 Citizens x WillFling x Kido Soon | Roman Rauch (Life is for Living / Manifest) | Nick Hanzo (Happening) | Frisör Pop UP by SaLon NINA SAN // 02.02.2018

Dancefloor aroma energizing_by Paul Divjak (Saint Charles Vienna, Berlin)

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