Schneider am Berg

Organic cosmetics launch

Inspired by a summer in the Swiss mountains, the Vienna-based and award-winning fragrance artist Paul Divjak took care of the composition for the exquisite scent of “Am Berg” for Schneider Cosmetics. Balsamic spiciness of carefully selected herbs and conifers meets the clear freshness of the mountain ambience.

“Am Berg” tempts you to take a refreshing break at lofty heights, and awakens your spirits with a gentle Alpine breeze. The well balanced composition, based on biological ingredients, refreshes gives new energy, stimulates the senses and cares for the skin in a natural way.

Fully certified organic | Free from additives | Cruelty-free production | Biopolymer packaging | Crafted in the Austrian Alps

Shower Gel, Hand Soap, Shampoo and Hand Creme //

Schneider Cosmetics

Scent Lab Vienna

Olfactory art & design

Paul Divjak

Paul Divjak ©Rainer Hosch

Paul Divjak widmet sich dem Phänomen Duft/Geruch transdisziplinär in den Bereichen Literatur, Medienkunst, Kulturwissenschaft und Praxis.

Angefangen hatte die Faszination für das Olfaktorische schon in seiner frühen Kindheit. Mit einem empfindsamen Geruchssinn und einer offensichtlichen Begabung ausgestattet, machte er sich bereits als 7-Jähriger ans Sammeln von Kräutern, Pflanzen und Hölzern im Garten des Sommerhauses der Familie am Semmering; begeistert von der Vielfalt der beglückenden Wohlgerüche. — mehr —

Wiener & Wienerin von Welten

Eau de Cologne

Wiener und Wienerin von Welten by Paul Divjak

Wiener von Welten by Paul Divjak is a true nobleman´s fragrance. Inspired by history, nature and the passing of time. Woody and smoky, classic, subtile and yet powerful. An energizing, vibrating tonic. Essential oils of cedar, olibanum mingle with carefully selected Asian herbes and precious alchemically prepared liquid gold. Provides an inspiring narration and pure organic pleasure.

Wienerin von Welten by Paul Divjak is inspired by Empress Maria Theresa and her beloved Orangerie at Schönbrunn Palace. An enchanting and lively fragrance comprised of carefully selected citrus fruits and French lavender. Enjoy the delights of strolling through a blossoming garden. Experience all-natural luxury!

Manufactured & bottled with care by SAINT CHARLES. – Out of stock! — mehr —