Letztes Jahr in Jerusalem

Duftinstallation, Jüdisches Museum Hohenems

Jerusalem - Mahane Jehuda

Jerusalem – Mahane Jehuda Market

Smellscape / scent installation, 2015
Garden of the Jewish Museum, Hohenems
(In cooperation with the On-Site Art Festival)

With his smellscape Paul Divjak is stepping into an olfactory dialogue with the current exhibition at the Jewish Museum: „A Streetcar Named Desired“, which takes the visitors on a reflective journey through Jerusalem by following the route of tram number 1, crossing and connecting the various „Jerusalems“.
In „L´année dernière à Jersualem“ the artist is describing a stroll through the city of Jerusalem. Subjective memories concerning the sense of smell enfold a assiciative and symbolic bouquet of the Holy city, center of three religions. Such evoking the aura of the very place of different cultures.

Letztes Jahr in Jerusalem (L’année dernière à Jérusalem)

Duftinstallation / Smellscape im Garten des Jüdischen Museums Hohenems
Im Rahmen des Kunstfestivals on site hohenems: bock auf kunst,
Eröffnung: 17.7.2015, 18.00 Uhr

Mit der Duftinstallation tritt der Künstler Paul Divjak in olfaktorischen Dialog mit der aktuellen Ausstellung des Jüdischen Museums, Endstation Sehnsucht. Eine Reise durch Yerushalayim–Jerusalem–Al Quds.

Gerade noch lagen die frischen Etrog-Früchte am Mahane Yehuda Markt in Jerusalem, schon zieht das zarte, zitronige Aroma des Nahen und Mittleren Ostens durch den Garten des Museums. Es mischt sich mit unterschiedlichsten Geruchseindrücken aus verschiedenen Ecken der Stadt, mit von der Sonne erhitztem Stein und Gewürznoten wie Koriander, Kreuzkümmel und Kardamom sowie einem Hauch von Weihrauch, Haschisch und Pinien.

In Letztes Jahr in Jerusalem erzählt der Künstler von einem Spaziergang durch Jerusalem. Was im Rahmen dieser Duftinstallation riechbar wird, sind subjektive Geruchserinnerungen an die Heilige Stadt – die Stadt der drei Weltreligionen; ein ebenso assoziatives wie symbolisches Bouquet, geprägt von der Aura des Ortes und den unterschiedlichen Kulturen.

Jüdisches Museum Hohenems

Change Was Our Only Chance

by Time´s up

Installation view "Change Was Our Only Chance" by Time´s Up

Setup: “Change Was Our Only Chance” by Time´s Up

For this project by the artists´collective Time´s Up Paul Divjak was invited to develop an olfactory scenographic approach and create an experimental, dystopian scentscape. The result was an irritating bouquet of a futuristic harbor breeze, defined by muddy waters, wet wooden notes, and sweet rotten Asian flowers. A subtile but smelly trip to the year 2047. [Phase 1 of an experiment / collaborative work in progress]

 AIL – Angewandte Innovation Lab – Franz-Josefs-Kai 3 1010 Wien, Vienna
 02.09.2019 - 27.09.2019

In these times of fundamental change, this mix of installation and process wants to make you “want for the future”. The future perspective into the present makes it clear that the future for us (humans) will only be experienced if we introduce changes today.

An possible future is sensually experienced through a physical narrative, a form of immersive environment, explored in the enveloping spatial arrangement, in the here and now, in a curious and playful process.

Possible futures fuel passion to boldly explore and popularize the complexity of our time. Possible futures are demystified and stripped of anxiety. Uncertain future scenarios are no longer terrifying, because in that future we see that people in the past had understood: “Change our our only chance.”

We look forward to working with the lecturers, researchers and students of the University of Applied Arts Vienna and the Applied Innovation Laboratory AIL in this project of exhibition and discussion, workshop and exploration.

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Diffusing Molecules #2

Scent Design for the Museum of Natural History

Scent design for the travelling exhibition KINGDOM OF SALT / DAS WEISSE GOLD DER KELTEN [Clients: Museum of Natural History, Vienna / Museumspartner, Innsbruck]

Focusing on the newest interdisciplinary research, the exhibition shows the town of Hallstatt, located in the Austrian Alps, as a “cradle of Europe’s industrialisation”: a progression of settlement and mining over 7000 years.

Visitors can explore the displays in the shape of huge „salt blocks“, i.e atmospheric rooms, which provide ambient sounds, video projections, multimedia shows, computer animations – and historical on location-smellscapes.

For this show I´m providing –  in cooperation with German scent specialist Elke Kies from MagicBox – the Museum of Natural History (Vienna) with expertise, conceptual development and the exclusive creation of unique olfactory experiences: from the neolithic age up to 350 BC, from „untouched nature“ to the smell of „the global village“.

MARQ – Alicante/Spain [14.06.2013 - 31.01.2014]
WESTFÄLISCHES LANDESMUSEUM – Herne/Germany [23.08.2014 - 25.01.2015]
Staatliches Museum für Archäologie Sachsen [03.07.2015 - 03.01.2016]