Bee Pop – Prologue

by Team Tool Time

©Michael Dürr


We have been fascinated by bees forever. But what did we really know about them? Ok, there’s the stuff with the birds and the bees, we all love the yummy syrup known as honey and fear the bee’s sting. (Since we have all made first-hand acquaintance with it back then, barefoot in childhood days.)

It was late autumn 2011 when we first came up with the idea of connecting more closely with the life of the honey bee. We wanted to do some research, collect sounds on location in and around the hives. The aim was to produce an entire album based on field recordings.

With the help of a professional team of consulting beekeepers, scientists, technicians, photographers, video artists and a lot of helping hands, we managed to start our journey into a familiar and yet unknown universe: the one of her majesty the queen and her colony of bees…

Working on this acoustic expedition was exiting and fun. And enjoyed all the instructional experiences. They gave us a understanding of the honeybee as an essential insect, of nature system, and of the urgent need for taking responsibility and sustainability.

Hope you’re grooving to this recording and if you feel like it: just get into it! Bee-Pop-A-Lula! (Well, she’s the one that gots that beat / She’s the one with the flyin’ feet…)

Be well and be inspired!


T.T.T / Team Tool Time

Bee Pop by Team Tool Time | Album out on Konkord/Rough Trade
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Making of by Gerald Schober/visualsuspects
Photography by Michael Dürr
Erste Stiftung
MAK NITE Lab – Bee Pop Live

Bee Pop – Making of

Bee Pop – Making of [A, 2012, Duration: 9:44]
Directed by: Gerald Schober/visualsuspects

Paul Divjak und Wolfgang Schlögl haben unter dem Namen “Team Tool Time” die europäische Honigbiene – Apis mellifera – erforscht, die Arbeitsabläufe der Imker, wie auch den gesamten Lebenszyklus der Arbeitsbienen begleitet – und sind in die Klangwelt eines Bienenstocks eingetaucht. Das Summen, Brummen und Werken – direkt in den Bienenstöcken wurde aufgenommen und im Studio mit digitaler Feinelektronik zu einem faszinierenden Bienen-Soundtrack weiterverarbeitet.

Paul Divjak and Wolfgang Schlögl are “TEAM TOOL TIME”. This summer they dedicated their work to the Apis Mellifera – the european honey bee, by recording the whole sound spectrum of the life of the bees, as well as the work of the bee keepers …

So fine / As if


Cover art: Manuela Mitterhuber

The Western world has a brief history of ecstasy. Affected through and through by a belief system that triggered off the industrial revolution, achievement and pleasure were perceived as opposite poles of time spent. Work meant the construction of order. Pleasure meant indulgence in disarray. Formulated in more precise terms by Calvinism, such assumptions opened the world for the industrial revolution and the almost religious accumulation of wealth an property.

Also at the dawn of the revolution of the cultural industry, the same paradigms can be found. Freeing Rock´n´Roll from the indulgent disarray of darker and more intimate urges, over-achievers such as the Beatles would turn music into work. Manufacturing order in any possible aspect, intuition was replaced by multi-track recording and improvisation became theory. — mehr —

Money – EP

Money macht happy

Money EP - CD Cover

Photography: Michael Dürr / Design: flirtingdisaster

Was liegt in Zeiten wie diesen näher, als ein wenig Geld in Umlauf zu bringen? – Dies hat sich auch der Autor, Musiker und Konzeptkünstler Paul Divjak gedacht. Konkret hat sich die Kohle auf Vinyl materialisiert: attraktiv kommt sie als 180 Gramm schwere, krisensichere Club Edition daher. Mit Erdem Tunakan, Tapiresque, Hans Platzgumer, de:con, B.Fleischmann und I-Wolf – der als up-trend Produzent auch für den effektiven Money-Flow verantwortlich zeichnet – hat sich der Künstler für Money jede Menge Freunde aus der österreichischen Electronica- und Clubmusikszene an Bord dieses sexy Joint Ventures geholt. Fürs erfolgsoptimierte Mastering hat niemand geringerer als der Top-Soundmanager Patrick Pulsinger gesorgt. — mehr —