Aural Siesta

Like a stroll through a Japanese garden

Eine sonore Insel der Ruhe und Kontemplation fernab der schalen Ästhetik der boomenden Wellness- und Esoterikmusikproduktionen. Eine Mittagspause für Ohr und Hirn, Körper und Geist: eine akustische Impfvorsorge gegen die Ruhelosigkeit des Alltags. Mit seiner bewussten Langsamkeit und seiner unaufdringlichen Vielfarbigkeit strahlt Aural Siesta die Ruhe und Schönheit eines japanischen Gartens aus. Und wie ein solcher lässt sich dieses klangökologisch nachhaltige Ambient-Album auch aus verschiedensten Perspektiven entdecken. Auf immer neuen Wegen: Erholung für die Sinne, Transzendenz für den Augenblick.

A sonic island of peace and contemplation which distances itself from the now popular wellness and esoteric music genres. A well deserved respite for the ear and brain, the body and soul. A sonic antidote against the stresses of daily life. In these compositions Divjak disassembles the daily noises of our modern lifestyle taken from urban field recordings. Then he takes tiny micro samples of these sounds and places them within his own short piano soundbites constructing repetitive hypnotic patterns. Through his unhurriedness and laidback diversity, Aural Siesta exudes the peace and beauty of a Japanese garden. Always on the lookout for something new this album delivers relief for the senses and majesty for the moment.

So fine / As if


Cover art: Manuela Mitterhuber

The Western world has a brief history of ecstasy. Affected through and through by a belief system that triggered off the industrial revolution, achievement and pleasure were perceived as opposite poles of time spent. Work meant the construction of order. Pleasure meant indulgence in disarray. Formulated in more precise terms by Calvinism, such assumptions opened the world for the industrial revolution and the almost religious accumulation of wealth an property.

Also at the dawn of the revolution of the cultural industry, the same paradigms can be found. Freeing Rock´n´Roll from the indulgent disarray of darker and more intimate urges, over-achievers such as the Beatles would turn music into work. Manufacturing order in any possible aspect, intuition was replaced by multi-track recording and improvisation became theory. — mehr —